The #DeafMust Campaign

We are delighted to launch Deaf Law UK’s first campaign: #DeafMust.

A phrase that Paddy Ladd used in his recent BSL Zone Close Up interviews with Tessa Padden has really resonated with us this past week: “Deaf must”.

Paddy was referring to that in the context of discussing his close friend and mentor, Dorothy Miles’ death. He was originally reluctant to discuss the impact her death had on him, but then blurted out “Deaf must”, and proceeded to answer Tessa’s question.

It was plain to see that Paddy feels that he has a moral responsibility to use the privileges that he has had bestowed upon him throughout his academic career for the benefit of the Deaf community. That included telling us all about his love and respect for Dorothy Miles and his devastation at her death.

We have taken on Paddy’s mantra, and turned it into the theme of Deaf Law UK’s first campaign in our mission to achieve equality for Deaf people, and to empower deaf and Deaf people to take action against the discrimination we experience on an every day basis.

From now until 31 March 2018, all Deaf and deaf people are encouraged to take action by:

  • Sharing as many stories of discrimination that you have personally experienced as often as you can:
    • via Twitter, Facebook and/or YouTube;
    • using the hashtag #deafmust or #DeafMust;
    • add subtitles to videos if you can to make them accessible to hearing people; and
    • put each experience of discrimination in a separate post to maximise impact.
  • Liking and/or sharing other stories.

Please note: You must ensure that all your posts are in public mode so that everyone will be able to see them. For YouTube, add the hashtag to the Description field for the video clip.

All posts will be automatically combined on this social wall page.

After 30 March 2018, we will compile a report which will be made available for all deaf and Deaf people to then send to your local political representatives. We will send a copy to the Prime Minister, Theresa May, and Jeremy Corbyn, the Leader of the Labour Party.

We hope you will join the #DeafMust campaign. After all, Deaf Must.

More information about the #DeafMust campaign can be found here.

Featured Image credited to British Sign Language Broadcasting Trust, 2018

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