Website Tips

Using Search

You can use the website’s search facility by choosing the best words or phrases to find the information you need.

In the search box, in the top right-hand corner, enter a word or phrase that describes what it is you are looking for.

Once you have typed in the keywords, click on the search button to the right to start the search.


You can also browse the content of the website by clicking on Areas of Law in the navigation bar at the top of the page. A list of all areas of law will pop down; just select the one you need.


We have provided you with a glossary, which contains any words or phrases contained within the guidance that may be ambiguous or unclear, or have a specific legal meaning as opposed to its usual meaning.

On each page, you will oftentimes find a word or phrase that has been underlined. This means that it has been included in the glossary, and you can hover your mouse over the word or phrase to display its meaning.